• Nintendo Wii U MIGHTY NO.9  Ray-Edition (Import) BRAND NEW

Mighty No. 9 Ray Edition  (Import) BRAND NEW

German Edition, Art in German, Gameplay and menu English

MIGHTY NO.9 - Ray Edition = Japanese Side-scrolling action, as fans love them!"Beck", aka MIGHTY NO.9, our eponymous hero, was the only Robot Fighter spared from the insidious computer virus has struck down his colleagues. Now he has to face them, identify the treacherous cyber terrorists and make the fight. Modern retro charmJapanese platform gameplay with modern retro charm combine in Mighty No.9 in a unique way. Höllisch sweet and -on wishes fiendishly difficult. Gamers find themselves in action-packed anime and experience the exciting story of the once helpful MIGHTY robot who turned against their creators. Only Beck, the robot with the identifier "Mighty No.9", has not been infected with the mysterious computer virus and has to restore order.Jump, run, shoot ... and transform! Survive in the levels of the game. Defeat your opponent by speed and skill! Take the special abilities of your defeated enemies and use it in the fight to get better and better! Better than your opponents better than your friends, and better than the players in the global rankings.Schlage opponents, defeat the clock that is ticking and crack your own high score! Games in cutting edge graphics or enjoy 16 bit look and one-hit Perma-Death (optional). MIGHTY NO.9 is exactly the sidescroller that you love, cordially cursing and not put his hand going until you have mastered it in all its facets! Ray edition including bonus contentAdvances in robotics brought our planet in the near future peace and prosperity. Dr. White erschuft nine almost identical robots that MIGHTY NUMBERS whose team were among the most successful duelists in BATTLE COLOSSEUM that the masses of enthusiastic and talked with their struggles - Until the insidious cyber attack changed everything.Keiji Inafune, the brains behind the great MEGA MAN games, presents, along with his team of Japanese genre experts, his new masterpiece. allows on Kickstarter within one day of the fans while developing continuously influence.


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Nintendo Wii U MIGHTY NO.9 Ray-Edition (Import) BRAND NEW

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